Coca Cola Plant Floor Restoration – BondKote & KreteKote


  • The concrete floors in a Coke manufacturing plant could not withstand the acids and chemicals that would spill on to them during the manufacturing process of Coke products.
  • Large divots and holes were eaten into the floors.
  • Coke did not want to have to tear out and completely redo the floors with new concrete.


  • Coke searched for an industrial coating product that could both repair the significant floor damage and then resurface the floors to protect them from the chemicals and acids.
  • Coke chose to use the professional grade strength BondKote and KreteKote coating products to repair their manufacturing plant floors.
  • BondKote was used to fill all divots and major floor damage areas.
  • KreteKote was applied as the top coat layer to protect against acid and chemical spills.


  • The floor damage issues being caused by acids and chemicals were completely resolved.
  • There have been no further issues with the deterioration of their floors since applying BondKote and KreteKote.
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