Anti Skid Epoxy Floor Additive


Durable. Safe. Practical. These are just a few of the benefits of adding an anti-skid additive. It’s an amazing way to add texture, finish and safety.

NOTE: 1 unit covers 300 sq./ft.

How to apply non-slip additive

For best results we recommend mixing the polymer grit into the KoreKote epoxy resin prior to applying to your floor.  4 to 5 ounces per gallon of epoxy (1.5 lbs per 350 sq/ft) offers the best application mix ratio. When applying the mix/grit to your surface we recommended that you pour the mix in ribbons across the floor. Then roll the ribbons out with a paint roller for an even coat. The non-slip grit will tend to disperse itself evenly across the surface of the floor. The cured result using polymer grit is a non-slip textured surface but soft enough to the touch that it won’t hurt to walk across the floor in bare feet. An added benefit of the polymer grit is that it is the least visible of the anti-slip additives, especially when applied to a floor with color chips.


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