Decorative Vinyl Color Chips


Add a little personality to your project. Decorative fleck additives are vinyl color chips that enhance the look, feel and safety of your floor.

NOTE: 1 unit covers 300 sq./ft.

Have a need for a custom color—we can help.

1. Before starting floor coating project, ensure you have enough chips to appropriately cover the desired surface area.

2. Spread epoxy coating out approx 5 to 6 feet from starting point.

3. Take color chips by pinching small batches in your fingers and then evenly broadcast into the air so they naturally spread and settle into the coating surface (A hopper gun can also be used to spread the chips)

4. Continue broadcast process until you have the desired chip coverage density.

5. If multiple colors of chips are being used, mix together in a separate container prior to beginning floor coating project.

6. If you broadcast too heavily in one area, you will have to match the entire floor to that spot. Therefore, start your broadcast lightly and then continue to add chips until you reach the desired density.

Note: Wearing spike shoes will give you the flexibility to walk overtop of the wet epoxy coating. This will allow you to paint larger areas and also go back, or walk over the areas not completely covered and sprinkle more chips to make a more uniform appearance. It is recommended that you do not to drop chips directly on the coating surface in handfuls because once chips are placed they cannot be moved. However, they can be painted over and re-chipped if you make a mistake.


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