Radon Gas Level Reduction – Basement Upper Black Eddy, PA – VaultKote Floor Coating


  • New construction project with Superior Wall Prefab foundation system.
  • Weaver Precast construction and concrete floor.
  • Sump hole cast in one corner and radon pit in the other.
  • Meter tested radon gas levels of 19.7.
  • Basement had continual water leakage.


  • Contractor coated the basement floor with VaultKote.


  • Radon gas levels were reduced from a tested 19.7 to 11.2 as measured by a radon meter, Safety Siren Pro 3.
  • Radon reading was taken with the existing sump and radon pits open.
  • There was a significant money savings for home owner because sump pump and radon evacuation system were no longer needed.

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