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KoreKote SafeResin

When we set out to advance epoxy resin technology, we knew we had to start at the foundation. So we looked at the chemistry behind the material and discovered ways in which it could be improved. The result—SAFERESIN. The resin technology that is anything but ordinary.



We’ve minimized hazards to health and the environment. In fact, SafeResin technology enabled us to produce a high performance non-water based epoxy resin with ultra low VOCs giving customers the best of all worlds.


KoreKote epoxy resin with SafeResin techonlogy forms strands of cross-linked molecule chains that intertwine as the material cures, producing unprecedented strength.


From shorter cure times and fewer hassles dealing with ordinary resins, SafeResin technology speeds up production processes.


Designed to easily replace ordinary resin systems. (Custom formulation services are available).

Curing Process

Our epoxy coatings with SafeResin technology cure from the top down, leaving a completely solid material behind. SafeResin technology also causes the epoxy to cure into the substrate, giving it a 100% bond.

Cures From the Top Down

SafeResin cures from the top down, leaving a completely solid material behind. SafeResin cures into the substrate, giving it a 100% bond.

Gel time of 40 Minutes

KoteKote epoxy with  SafeResin technology has a gel time of 40 minutes, giving an applicator the necessary time required to appropriately work with the material. It crystallizes in 4 hours and is cured within 24 hours (can vary due to ambient temperatures and substrate temperatures) reducing ready wait time by up to 4 days.

Proprietary Cure Agent

The proprietary formulation of the curing agent significantly reduces the corrosive nature of the material bringing it very close to falling under the DOT’s defined corrosive material threshold.

100% NON-Porous Polymer

KoreKote epoxy resin with SafeResin technology is a 100% non-porous polymer and forms strands of cross-linked molecule chains that interlock to produce unprecedented strength.

Outstanding performance

SafeResin technology provides outstanding performance characteristics in many categories and therefore requires very small amounts of an additive to meet enhanced performance requirements.

Minimizes Harmful VOC Off Gases

The proprietary formulation utilizes both natural and traditional ingredients to minimize harmful VOC off gases and eliminates any offensive odors

User Friendly

SafeResin technology provides a material viscosity that finds the perfect balance between ease-of-use and application requirements.

Easy Clean Up

Does not require toxic solvents such as acetone, MEK or xylene for cleanup. Simply use denatured alcohol as your go to clean up solution.

High Optical Clarity

The proprietary formulation results in a chemistry that does not produce air bubbles or hazing during the curing process resulting in a cured product with high optical clarity.

High Flash Point

SafeResin technology boosts KoreKote epoxy to an exceptionally high flash point of  357° F (lab tested)

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Better for the environment.
Better for business

We’re very proud of our Ultra Low VOCs.

SafeResin technology brings together both natural and traditional components whose resulting chemistry minimizes harmful toxins associated with ordinary epoxy while maintaining or enhancing product performance characteristics.


Contributes toward vital LEED project points

LEED BD+C / Low Emitting Materials: 3 Points
LEED ID+C / Low Emitting Materials: 3 Points

(supporting documentation available upon request)

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There Truly Is No Comparison

We’ve compared resins and here’s what we found: KoreKote epoxy supercharged by SafeResin technology provides a solution that is ten times stronger, provides engineers the opportunity to design parts lighter, reduces project resin volume requirements and lets you breath easier knowing that employee health and the environment are better protected.

How KoreKote Resin Stacks Up

KoreKote Resin Vinyl Ester Resin Polyester Resin
Extremely Toxic NO YES YES
Leach Toxins NO YES YES
Land Fill Safe YES NO NO
Use With Chopper Gun YES YES YES
Use for Lay-up YES YES YES

KoreKote Epoxy Resin is 10X stronger than Polyester & Vinyl Ester resins

SafeResin technology boots the performance of KoreKote epoxy systems providing a solution that is many times stronger, parts can be designed lighter saving excessive material. Many products now being manufactured with polyester and vinyl ester resins can be switched over and made using SafeResin technology (e.g., boats, canoes, automobile body panel manufacturing, pool and spa manufacturing, etc.).

Polyester & vinyl ester resins are porous

Polyester and vinyl ester resins are porous and therefore will not hold water or other liquids for long periods of time. If examined under a microscope both materials will show tiny holes. KoreKote epoxy with SafeResin technology is non-porous and will bond to concrete, steel, wood and other substrates curing from the top down causing it to be non-porous. If examined under a microscope there are no small holes.

polyester & vinyl ester resins leach toxins

The EPA and OSHA have tested polyester and vinyl ester resins over time and have discovered they continue to leach toxic components and eventually breakdown. The broken down material leaches harmful toxins into the environment. Landfills in some states are banning the disposal of most fiberglass products (made with polyester and vinyl ester resins) due to the harmful toxins that are leached.  KoreKote epoxy with SafeResin, when cured will not breakdown and will not leach into the environment.

SafeResin technology eliminates the need for expensive ventilation & scrubber systems.

SafeResin technology can positively impact a company’s worker’s comp and health insurance rates because employees are not exposed to the toxins associated with polyester and vinyl ester resins.

KoreKote epoxy with saferesin can replace Polyester & Vinyl ester resins in manufacturing Processes

KoreKote epoxy systems can easily replace polyester and vinyl ester resins in the manufacturing process (for example, user-friendly viscosity). KoreKote epoxy with SafeResin technology can be sprayed with a chopper gun in a similar fashion to polyester and vinyl ester, so you can keep your same equipment. KoreKote epoxy systems can be used to replace polyester and vinyl ester resins in the lay-up process.

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